Data Processing

Data is often the first step in the success of a campaign

We offer the flexibility of working with and processing virtually every type of data file.

Using professional software, we perform data cleansing and standardisation, as well as other steps to ensure your mailing can reach every recipient.

Our Data Service includes;

  • Mail sortation for all providers (Royal Mail, Whistl, UK Mail, Citipost, Secured Mail)
  • MPS Cleaning
  • Postcode Address File (P.A.F.)
  • Gone away suppression
  • Mortality
  • De-duping (to all levels)
  • Case conversion
  • Building of salutations
  • Assigning of URN’s
  • Bespoke written software

Returns Management

Returns Management is a bespoke service offered to all our customers.

We can provide a return address on your mailing where we’ll receive and process all your returns. How we process them is completely up to you. Returned items that can’t be reused can be destroyed or securely recycled. Any items in a reusable state can be used for future mailings.